Our biggest tribute to our beloved Valencia.

Five years ago we opened our first store in Valencia At that time the Plaza Xúquer area was not trendy at all , but it was filled up by young university students willing to try our hamburgers and spread their experience among their friends.

It really worked out, and we out down roots in our city with every new store we opened in it. We did not go very far, at home we had everything we needed.

For two years during the month of March, for us considered the most Valencian month of all, we added to our menu the Caloret Burger, a tribute to the Valencian gastronomy in which we have included traditional products that bring a powerful taste to the recipe. Not having a hamburger with products from our land would be a sacrilege, and in addition, we would lose an unmatched burger.


– Burger bun.
– 2 110 gr. burgers 100% beef
– Tronchón cheese from Valencia.
– Llonganissa (pork sausage form our land).
– Soft all i oli sauce with touches of paprika.
– Bacon

We are more than paella and horchata, although both are to die for!
Fallas, Fireworks… Valencia, you can feel it, but you can also taste it, should we start preparing yours?

Available until March 31.