You invest your enthusiasm and we provide the experience.

The word franchise doesn’t really fit with the idea we have in mind any more, it comes up short.

For us franchise means finding someone who is excited about the idea of having their own business and who wants to learn from the experience of others who have already gone through the rough and the smooth.

We would like to meet those people with whom we can grow together, who know what they are looking for and what to expect and to build a relationship that would be beneficial to both parties. We could have grown bigger or more quickly but we have always had the desire to be comfortable with those who will become our partners over the long term and do things with great care and attention. Our franchise model has high profitability and swift investment recovery, simplified operational processes, optimised business costs and tried and tested quality suppliers who have ample experience in the sector. In the same way, our Marketing department strives to make our brand name reputable as well as controlling our reputation online and our positioning in social networks.

What makes us special?

One glance at our menu will enable you to appreciate a particular approach for each hamburger. We base ourselves on two principles: Being perfectionists as regards the quality of the meat we use as well as our bread and leave all the creativity in the hands of the extra ingredients and sauces.

We add fruit to the hamburger, we have our recipes for starters and desserts, home-made sauces and we even have a hamburger that goes with pancakes instead of bread! Our restaurants are all part of The Black Turtle experience, elaborate decadent industrial décor which transports you to the Soho of a large city like London or New York.

For more details, check out our dossier with all the suitable steps for opening a restaurant under the name of ‘The Black Turtle’ together with further relevant information regarding our concept, which you will certainly want to know.