After twelve months of waiting the LUPITA BURGER comes back to our menu. Thanks to this burger many customers met us and many others stayed forever. Throughout this year we have received numerous messages asking us to add it to our menu definetely, well, we have thirty days ahead to enjoy it, will they be enough?


– Burger bun.
– Burger ( to choose between veal, chicken and veggie).
– Monterrey Jack.
– Guacamole
– Pico de gallo.
– Lime mayonnaise.
– Bacon.
– Tomatoe
– Lollo lettuce.

Those of us who do not know how to live without avocado, this is our burger. The colorful Lupita is fresh, with a subtle acid touch given by the lime mayonnaise and a light spicy finish from our homemade pico de gallo. A complete burger with a lot of flavor.

The Mexican cuisine is wide, full of contrasts and invites you to go further with recipes like this. Now, just enjoy it!

Available until April 31.