Anything better than an egg and potatoes? Well yes, two eggs.

Our Crunchy Burger is back, it will be the least silent of our burgers but you will want to finish it without blinking.

Crunchy Burger:
Burger buns.
Hamburger to choose between 170gr veal, 160gr chicken or beyond burger.
Monterrey Jack cheese.
Straw potatoes.
Burger sauce.

Crunchy Burger is tasty and fun equally. Curiosity appears first, but its flavor is what ends up catching you.
Surely there are few combinations as perfect as egg and potatoes and combining it in a burger version is a genius that you should definitely taste to be surprised.

For those who don’t like meat, The Black Turtle has included the option ‘beyond burger’ the hamburger that tastes like meat without being it, vegetables without giving up the pleasure of the hamburger.

Available at all locations from August 1 to 31.