Chili Burger, February speciality

We have been thinking about this for months and at last we have our very own version of the chili burger! And it has truly been worth the wait as every member of the kitchen and service staff that has had the chance to try it is completely sure, this Burger is going to break records.

The chili itself is a good idea coming with minced meat, red frijoles, tomato, garlic…so it can only get better.

Chili Burger:

– Burger bun.
– Choice of hamburger among beef, chicken or veggie burger.
– Monterrey Jack cheese.
– Chili con carne.
– Fried egg.
– Purple onion.
– Grated Cheddar cheese.

The final flavour is not spicy and its texture gives you a wonderful sensation in your mouth of those burgers that make you end up licking your fingers. It has all the makings of those burgers that become a permanent fixture on the menu. Do you fancy taking time out to enjoy one of them?

Available in all of our restaurants from 1st to 28th February.