We had been waiting months for this moment, this special burger of the month of July is absolute new, for menu and all costumers.

This recipe will be very successful! 

Portobello Burger:

– Burger rolls.
– Hamburger 170 gr to choose between veal, chicken or beyond burger.
– Smoked cheese.
– Egg.
– Italian mortadella.
– Portobello Mushrooms.

Portobello Burger has Mediterranean gastronomy in every bite. Italian mortadella, smoked cheese, egg and portobello mushrooms with quality and juicy natural meat, without antibiotics or hormones, something we like to emphasize whenever we can. Also, since this month we have included the option ‘beyond burger‘ the hamburger that tastes like meat without being it, for those vegetarians who do not want to give up the pleasure of the hamburger.

Portobello Burger has an exquisite flavor and without a doubt it is one of the best burgers of the month that we have tasted. 😉 Get out of the comfort zone and try it! it will be a good decision.
Available in all locations from July 1 to July 31.