Mexico, Argentina… it’s time to come back home. It was part of our first menu when we open our doors for the first time and now it’s back, improved and ready to make you feel in heaven.

Bull Burger:

– Burger bun.
– Burger (to choose between veal, chicken and veggie).
– Smoked cheese.
– Egg.
– Sliced ​​tomato.
– Serrano ham.
– Black garlic allioli sauce.
– Lollo lettuce.

Since the first bite, you can feel its (our) nature , the flavors try to stay in your mouth a little bit more… the salty from the Spanish ham is balanced by the subtle sweetness of the black allioli, and always in the second row, our smoked cheese that gives a very distinctive taste to the set… and if you add a fried egg (always free-range) we’ve got a winner!! What are you waiting for?!

Available from June 1 to June 30.