Ready?, This month we have to travel to Argentina, well, our palate is going on a trip and will be one of those that leave their mark.
Throughout the month of May our menu will be expanded with a new recipe, here comes the Chimichurri Burger.

Chimichurri Burger:

– Burger bun.
– Burger (to choose between veal, chicken and veggie).
– Provolone cheese.
– Chorizo Criollo.
– Chimichurri.
– Verdeo sauce.

The intensity of the chorizo ​​criollo and the condiments of the chimichurri make their flavor remain in the mouth a few seconds more than the last bite. Its strength and mix of well integrated flavors take the taste buds to another level. One of the best recipes that have passed through the restaurants, it’s a pity that it’s only available for a month. Another one of those hamburgers that will cost you goodbye.

Available from May 1 to May 31.