We have concluded that everything that has sobrasada is delicious and if you also put honey, it becomes exquisite.
Well, we have overcome the impossible. We have added Monterrey Jack cheese and poached onion, our new special burger of the month is among the most successful of 2018, La Sobrada Burger returns. Ask for a cold beer and enjoy everything in the extreme!

The Sobrada Burger:
– Burger buns.
– Hamburger to choose between 170gr veal, 160gr chicken or beyond burger (vegetable burger).
– Monterrey Jack cheese.
– Sobrasada and honey sauce.
– Poached onion.

The Sobrada Burger is tender, each bite is soft in texture and intense in flavor.
The mixture of sweet and salty marries very well and its contrast catches.

Available at all locations from October 1 to 31.